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For more than 25 years, Savos Investments has provided comprehensive risk-managed strategies to meet the needs of the most discerning clients.

A pioneer in risk management, Savos was one of the very first investment firms to offer downside protection as part of an overall investment strategy. Moreover, a deep understanding for fundamental investing led us to offer clients managed portfolios with direct stock ownership.

Today, we specialize in risk-managed and tax-efficient strategies with a "Focus on Fundamentals" approach – an investment practice grounded in accessing the fundamental drivers of risk and return in capital markets. We also use "smart risk," a comprehensive process that seeks to identify, demystify and isolate sources of risk and return to create risk-targeted, efficient solutions crafted to meet a variety of investment goals.

Savos offers a broad range of investment solutions available exclusively on the AssetMark platform. Our key investment strategies include:

   •  Savos GMS High Dividend – For clients seeking direct ownership of individual stocks (primarily US
      large cap equities), high current income, above average dividends, and tax-efficient portfolio

   •  Savos GMS Global – For clients seeking direct ownership of individual stocks (US and
      international equities) focusing on maximizing total return with tax-efficient portfolio management.

   •  Savos Preservation Strategy – For clients seeking active management, global multi-asset class
      diversification, and lower volatility with an investment that seeks positive returns every single
      calendar year.

   •  Savos Fixed Income – For clients seeking current income; options include laddered US
      government bonds (less vulnerable to rising interest rates), high-yield corporate and municipal
      bonds (higher current income), and individual municipal bonds held in mutual funds (potential for
      tax-exempt income*).

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*Income from municipal bonds is generally free from federal taxes and state taxes for residents of the issuing state. While the interest income is tax free, capital gains, if any, will be subject to taxes. Income for some investors may be subject to the federal Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Always consult with a qualified tax advisor before making an investment decision.