At our recent executive committee meeting, we discussed the terrible tragedy of the senseless killing of George Floyd. It was an emotional conversation. All of us are appalled and saddened to see this travesty and to know that this type of injustice is not an isolated event.

I love this country and I am proud to see the progress that we have made on many fronts—even during my own lifetime. I see in our young associates the hope and expectation that the principles that this country were founded upon will be a reality. We are not there yet. Racism is an evil that must be extinguished. Mistreating another person because of their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or for any reason, is intolerable.  

At AssetMark, one of our values is respect. We have all committed to being a part of a firm where respect for the individual is not only critical, it is a requirement for working here. Because respect is one of our core values, I want to make sure that you all know that we will stand together against all forms of racism and injustice.  

The American promise is one of freedom and dignity. As leaders, and we are all leaders, it is our responsibility to stand against those who perpetrate or watch idly as others perpetrate crimes of injustice. Today we stand with George Floyd, his family, and those peacefully protesting across the country.

And we can do more. We are committed to Diversity and Inclusion at AssetMark. We believe in meritocracy and fair play. We believe in respect. We can be a force for good in our company and within our communities by listening, learning and acting. We must do this.

Let’s commit to realizing the promise of this country by the words and actions that we take each and every day.


Charles Goldman

Charles Goldman is President and CEO of AssetMark, Inc., a leading independent provider of innovative investment and consulting solutions serving financial advisors. Prior to joining AssetMark, he was a senior advisor to Bain & Company and several private equity firms focused on the financial services space. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Bloomberg, InvestmentNews, RIABiz, Financial Advisor magazine, Financial Advisor IQ, and

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