Business Assessment Tool
Whether you’re looking to buy another practice, sell yours, or simply want to discover how to maximize the value of your business, AssetMark’s Business Assessment Tool is the perfect starting place. With just a few simple inputs, the Business Assessment Tool allows you to:
  • Determine the estimated value of your firm 
  • Compare your estimated valuation to similar industry benchmarks 
  • Review performance indicators to identify areas of your business which may need attention

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Planning on buying, selling or merging? We can help

Structuring your business transition to address your unique issues is as crucial as the plan you created to grow your business. If developed properly, a solid transition plan can help you determine and schedule your transition on your terms.

Basic Resources

Buying a Practice: Due Diligence Questions   Icon
Selling a Practice: Due Diligence Questions   Icon
Acquisition or Merger Search Profile   Icon

AssetMark Advisor-Only Content (requires a login)

Sample Confidentiality or NDA Agreement   Icon  | 
Sample Letter of Intent   Icon  | 
Sample Purchase Agreement   Icon  | 
Merger & Acquisition Checklist   Icon  | 

Maximize Your Value

After completing your business assessment, use your Value Maximization Index® score to identify areas of your business that need attention. Below are resources to help you begin improving your business.

Managing Your Practice

5 year Business Goals Workbook   Icon
Creating Your Strategic Plan Worksheet   Icon

Marketing Your Business

12 Month Marketing Calendar   Icon
Sample Communications Schedule   Icon

Optimizing Your Operations

Sample Client Review Process Checklist   Icon
Sample Tiered Service Model   Icon

Empowering Your Team

Ideas for Motivating and Rewarding Team   Icon
Job Description Planner   Icon
Performance Review Tool   Icon

Valuation ranges provided through the Business Assessment Tool are for illustrative purposes only, and in no way constitute a guarantee of individual practice valuation by AssetMark. Actual practice valuation may vary from tool results.