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Since at least 2008, risk has become a dirty word - something to be avoided at all costs. Executives are spending significant time thinking about how to avoid risk in every aspect of their business: Cyber risk. Operational risk. Financial risk. Market risk. People risk. Reputational risk. Ugh!
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Who Do You Trust?
What a Leader Looks Like
A few weeks ago, I was meeting with AssetMark's Senior Vice Presidents, the people who report to my leadership team and run most of the company. These folks are tasked with the daily execution of the work that financial advisors depend on: operations/service, product management, technology planning and implementation, investments, and marketing and sales. Without this team nothing gets done.
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Who Do You Trust?
Trust in America
At Gold Forum this year I had the chance to make my fifth speech to some of our largest clients and partners. This is a great honor and a stressful one! It is an honor because I get to share my thoughts with 500 important people for an hour. It is stressful for the same reason. Read the Article
Curiously Confounding Millennials
Curiously Confounding Millennials
For some strange reason, I cannot get millennials off of my mind. Maybe it is because I have two of them...Probably it is because we have so few millennial advisors, and you have so few millennial clients. This is a problem. Read the Article
Growing Smart in Fee Conscious World
Growing Smart in a Fee-Conscious World
In today's competitive market, it's important to deliver tangible services in every client meeting so that your client sees the value that you are adding to their lives each and every time you get together.
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