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A Different Experience

The Independent Advisor’s Guide

Our company’s mission is centered around helping financial advisors make a difference in the lives of their clients. To help them do that, we aim to provide advisors with holistic support. Whether that’s through compelling technology that facilitates a better client experience, consulting services that ensure advisors’ businesses are running at their best, or offering a comprehensive suite of investment solutions. AssetMark’s platform empowers advisors to provide the highest level of service possible to their clients.


Tailored Support

We want you to do what you do best. At AssetMark, we give advisors the time and space to focus on their core competencies by supporting the foundational elements of their practice.
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A Reliable Relationship

Our relationship managers, sales and business consultants, and services team serve as an extension of your practice. Our highest priority is the same as yours: Supporting the financial wellbeing of your clients.

Time and Resources

We believe independence shouldn’t come at the cost of your time. As an extension of this belief, we developed our platform to serve as a foundation for independent financial advisors’ growth.
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Sophisticated Investment Management

Your clients all have different ideas of what their financial future should look like and different ideas on how to get there. We offer a comprehensive, customizable suite of investment management solutions to ensure they reach their destination safely and securely.

By Advisors, For Advisors

We know how to address advisors’ most pressing needs because we’ve been faced with those needs before. At its core, AssetMark is made up of committed individuals with deep experience in the financial services industry, specializing in:

  • Trading and operations
  • Service and support
  • Investment management
  • Digital solutions
  • Practice management
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • And more
History of Excellence

Innovating for over 20 years

Ever since AssetMark was founded in 1996, we’ve supported financial advisors in their efforts to deliver financial wellbeing for their clients. By developing innovative solutions—such as PortfolioEngine and Guided Portfolio Solutions—we’ve pushed the boundaries of what a third-party asset management platform (TAMP) can be.

We’re Here for You

Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

We’re prepared for the possibility of business disruptions due to power outages, natural disasters, or other events. AssetMark has a comprehensive business continuity program in place, which is reviewed, updated, and tested on a regular basis to ensure we can continue to serve our clients no matter what.

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