Keep Your Clients’ Assets Safe

AssetMark Trust provides secure custodial and recordkeeping services for your clients’ assets—all integrated with the AssetMark platform.

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Peace of Mind

Security and Reliability for Your Clients’ Needs

AssetMark supports the needs of independent financial advisors and their clients, including trust and custodial services. Through AssetMark Trust Company, we provide secure, reliable, and flexible supervision of your clients’ assets. Financial advisors remain the primary point of contact and manage their clients’ trust assets as needed, and gain peace of mind knowing their clients’ assets are safe and secure in the hands of dedicated professionals.

How We Help


Cash Advantage Checking and Lending

AssetMark Trust’s services provide your clients competitive interest rates on securities-backed lines of credit; free, interest-bearing checking accounts linked directly to investment accounts; and an easy application process for all services.

Streamlined Recordkeeping and Reporting

We’ll handle administrative tasks like recordkeeping and reporting on assets to beneficiaries and tax authorities so you can keep your focus on your client and their needs. We’ll provide easy-to-read statements and tax reporting—all accessible online, reducing paper waste, and simplifying document management.

Complete Asset Protection

Serve as your clients’ primary point of contact and manager of trust assets when choosing AssetMark Trust as the custodian of your clients’ assets. If your practice needs to safeguard assets across several client generations, you can easily implement successor trustee language that ensures trust assets are treated in line with your clients’ wishes.

Dedicated Service and Support

We’ll work with you to understand your clients’ needs and deliver trust/custodial services that truly address those needs. If you or your clients have questions about their trust assets, just reach out to us; we’re always happy to help.
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Fully Integrated

Integrated into the AssetMark Platform

Accessing and managing custodial services shouldn’t be a difficult or confusing task. We’ve integrated AssetMark Trust’s services directly into the AssetMark platform, making it a seamless and intuitive experience to evaluate accounts, manage assets, and leveraging the capabilities available on the AssetMark platform.

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Cash Services

Complete Cash Solutions

Available only through AssetMark Trust, Complete Cash Solutions provide a flexible and competitive solution for cash assets. Our Insured Cash Deposit Program and High-Yield Cash solutions provide up to $2.5 million of FDIC insurance by allocating client deposits across a network of FDIC-insured banks, next-business day access to cash without any withdrawal penalties, and reporting across your individual, joint, and trust accounts.

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