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    AssetMark Names Michael Kim Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kim is a seasoned veteran of the firm with over 25 years of industry experience, 13 of which are at ... Read the Release
    AssetMark Launches First Trust Investment Strategies for Financial Advisors Three new strategies added to AssetMark platform better help advisors serve their clients. “First Trust ... Read the Release
    AssetMark Completes Acquisition of Adhesion Wealth “AssetMark and Adhesion are officially united in pursuit of our shared mission to empower growth-focused ... Read the Release

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    In Her Own Words: Carrie Hansen's Success

    People and relationships mean everything to me – both personally and professionally – and it is the depth of those relationships that has propelled my success in business. Read The Story

    Are AUM fees heading toward extinction?

    "If I had to put my money on a fee model, it would be more leveraged toward the flat fee. The flat-fee model, and potentially some subscription-fee models, is what the next generation of investors are used to," said Matt Matrisian, SVP and Chief Channel Officer. Read the Story

    New SEC Requirements Can Create Opportunities for Advisors

    “Many advisors we speak to have a lot of questions, and there’s a fair amount of anxiety over all the required changes,” says Michael Kim, chief executive officer of AssetMark... Read the Story

    AssetMark Named Influential Gatekeeper by Citywire

    This annual list highlights the 20 home-office research teams with the most sway over how wealth assets are allocated. The teams in this list allocate a combined $1.21tn to third-party strategies, a huge figure to be directly controlled by a handful of investors. Read the Story

    News & Press Archive | 09/18/2020
    Revolution and Evolution: Providing Lasting Value to Your Clients During a Global Pandemic

    Chief Client Officer Michael Kim shares tips to help financial advisors enhance their client experiences and digitize their office processes to create more value for their clients during the COVID-19 ...

    Learn More | 04/24/2019
    Harnessing the Power of Customer Relationship Management Tools

    EVP and COO Carrie Hansen shares tips on meeting the increasing needs of investors, maximizing your impact, and protecting your most precious resource - time - in her latest article on harnessing the ...

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