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    A Steady Presence in Uncertain Times

    It’s what clients expect of you. It’s what AssetMark has been for over a quarter century. Let us help you thrive.

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    Be the "Who" for Your Clients

    Get in front of investors and stay in front of them. Bring your experience, skills, and insights and establish yourself as a committed guide who will help them navigate tough markets. Showcase what you can offer in terms of tangible support, service, and products to complement your expertise.

    Resources to Help You Explain the Markets to Clients

    Bear Essentials: A Historical Guide

    While no two bear markets are alike, in this edition we review the history of bear markets to understand the potential good and bad news for ... Download

    History of Bull and Bear Markets

    Behavioral science tells us that current events have a greater impact on our perception and decisions than the past. Download

    Time In vs. Timing the Market

    The stock market is off to a rocky start this year. Higher volatility can be a source of uncertainty for even the most seasoned investors. In this ... Download

    Resources to Help You Educate Clients

    10 Emails for Volatile Markets

    Use this sample email template to create a touchpoint for communicating with clients. Download

    10 Common Investing Terms

    When you’re new to investing, it can be overwhelming to encounter unfamiliar terms. Download

    Investing Essentials Presentation

    Help your clients focus in on what they should know about investing with this essential presentation. Download

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    Curated investment options, diversified by both asset class and investment approach, featuring world-class managers, and backed by AssetMark’s thorough due diligence process. Let us help you choose what’s best for your book of business.


    Dedicated practice management, sales, and investment consulting teams that champion you, your practice, and your vision. Let us help your business effectively navigate today’s economic and market environment… and position it for tomorrow.


    An open architecture platform that keeps you in charge, supported by innovative technologies, expertise, and personalized guidance. Let us help can take your business to the next level and beyond.
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    Why AssetMark

    Personalized Service and Consulting

    You tailor advice to your client’s unique needs; AssetMark will do the same for you. Whatever obstacles you face in establishing your business—whether that’s spending less time on processes and more on your clients, performing portfolio research, or adopting the right technology for success—we’ll assess what gaps exist in your business, identify the path forward, and stick with you until you achieve your goals.

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    Market Volatility
    November 11, 2022

    Market Downturns: Generational Differences in Client Conversations

    Investment management often requires that financial advisors address sensitive topics with their clients, but the stakes can be high in periods of market volatility. Client...
    Market Volatility
    September 30, 2022

    How to Prepare Your Firm for a Market Downturn or Recession

    The last bull market, which ended in 2020, lasted 3,999 days. That means if you have been a financial advisor for less than a decade, you are now experiencing the first...
    Market Volatility
    September 16, 2022

    7 Tips to Prepare Your Clients for a Market Downturn

    “May you live in interesting times” is usually taken as a good-natured sentiment. That is until things start to get interesting in a bad way. Economic volatility and market...

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