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    Elevate the client experience and streamline your administrative tasks with AssetMark’s digital solutions.

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    Compelling Technology Solutions

    Make an Impact

    You’re not one to adopt technology for technology’s sake; neither are we. AssetMark’s proprietary solutions and integrated third-party technologies are all designed to make a difference—to the amount of time you spend tending to back-office tasks, to your client’s experience, and to the success of your business.

    Your One-Stop Online Portal

    eWealthManager serves as your comprehensive advisor portal, combining client management and account administration in an intuitive, fully integrated and easily scaled online platform. With eWealthManager, you and your clients can stay on top of their portfolios and stay in touch with each other.

    AssetMark’s Digital Solutions

    Simplify administration and transform your client experience at the same time.

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    Why Assetmark

    Digital Solutions for the Modern Financial Advisor

    You tailor your advice to your client’s unique needs; AssetMark will do the same for you. Whatever obstacles you face in establishing your business—whether that’s spending less time on processes and more on your clients, performing portfolio research, or adopting the right technology for success—we’ll assess what gaps exist in your business, identify the path forward, and stick with you until you achieve your goals.

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