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    Featured Webinar | May 16, 2024

    Hosting Exceptional Client Reviews

    In many instances, the review meeting is the only opportunity for an advisor to demonstrate true value to a client. Yet, we find many advisors do not have a formalized, structured process they can depend on to assist in their review efforts. Within this session, we will discuss, in detail, industry data and uncover what clients perceive as value drivers and how to incorporate these findings within all client communication. We will also offer a process and framework with which to support review processes.

    Featured Webinar | June 20, 2024

    Gauging Client Satisfaction

    Delivering a client survey or creating an advisory board can provide you with direct feedback on your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, offers a safe environment to gather insights on new initiatives and can drive business strategy and serve as a unique marketing platform. Within this session, we will review the benefits of surveying clients and establishing a client advisory board and how to successfully prepare and deliver either a client survey or client advisory board.

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    Client Segmentation

    Client segmentation is one of the most important exercises for successfully managing client relationships. Advisors need to have a clear vision of which clients are most valuable now, which offer the most future potential, and which are least likely to generate additional business. During this session, we will review how to generate an analysis of an existing client base and how to best leverage the information, including strategies for optimizing the performance of existing clients.

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