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    Featured Webinar | April 18, 2024

    Communicating With Purpose

    Opening the lines of communication - and keeping them open - is crucial in maintaining and improving existing client relationships and in creating new ones. In this session, we will help you identify target contact groups, offer tips on how to more effectively communicate with a diverse client base through the use of personas and explain how relevant, consistent communication can enhance overall client satisfaction and drive firm growth.

    Featured Webinar | April 26, 2024

    Markets Spring Forward: Breaking Down Record Highs

    Join AssetMark's team for a discussion addressing key questions confronting investors, including:

    • What are record highs in stock indices and gold telling us about the state of the economy?

    • Is inflation really cooling, and if so, why do things feel so expensive?

    • How do presidential elections impact stock markets?

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    Client Segmentation

    Client segmentation is one of the most important exercises for successfully managing client relationships. Advisors need to have a clear vision of which clients are most valuable now, which offer the most future potential, and which are least likely to generate additional business. During this session, we will review how to generate an analysis of an existing client base and how to best leverage the information, including strategies for optimizing the performance of existing clients.

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